• » La Bourse Perfect White SerumWith Collagen & Aloe Vera Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles [L2101]

    Effectively increase moist to the skin with concentrated Collagen and Aloe Vera Extract that help tighten pores. Tighten up the facial skin, naturally white and look younger.

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  • » La Bourse Whitening Powder Cake UV ProtectionWith Ginseng Extract + Vitamin C & E [L2102]

    Powder Cake. Soft texture powder, a mixture of Vitamin C and E and Oil Free. Help cover up the wrinkles. Face is smooth all day. Available in 4 colors.

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  • » La Bourse Freckle Milk SerumWith Collagen & Ginseng Reduces Freckles & Dark Spots [L2103]

    Visibly helps reduce freckles and dark spots by acting to diminish the production of melanin pigment.

    Collagen and Ginseng help refine and brighten for firmer, brighter and younger looking skin. Improves and restores the skin regeneration process. Plus Natural herbs, provide immediate tightening and 24-hour moisturizing effects to the skin. Clinical study results show that the treatment significantly improves the tension and skin tone for a radiant and youthful look.

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  • » La Bourse Freckle Milk SerumWith Collagen & Soy Protein UV Protection SPF 45++ Perfect Milk Serum Anti-Wrinkles with Sun Protection [L2104]

    Protect and maintain moist of the skin for more effective with Collagen and Soy Protein Extract. Protect skin from Ultra-violet rays which is the cause of skin damage and dull. Make the skin consistently white all over the face, tight and smooth.

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  • » La Bourse Collagen Cleansing GelWith Collagen & Cucumber [L2105]

    A mild but effective facial cleansing gel to clean, replenish and firm the skin. The effective formula enriched with essential blends of Collagen and Cucumber.

    Its pH balance formula helps clean skin without over-drying effect. It helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture level while making it delightfully clear and soft.

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  • » La Bourse Milky Day Cream With Collagen & Cucumber Reduces Dark Spots & Wrinkles, Protect Skin from Harmful UV rays [L2106]

    Nourish and protect the skin during day time. Enriched with natural extracts that help nourish the skin, increase radiant whitening skin and firmly smooth including protection from UV rays in sunlight. The skin will consistently smooth and white.

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