• » La Bourse Milky Nigth Cream With Collagen & Honey Boost the Skin to be Firmer & Healthier Restore skin lifting and firming [L2107]

    Face nourishing cream and face rejuvenation during the night. Nourish and whiten skin continuously while the resting of skin with concentrated Collagen and the value of Honey. Skin is firm, moist and naturally bright.

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  • » La Bourse Melasma White Cream With Arbutin & Vitamin B3 [L2108]

    A mild but effective facial cleansing gel to clean, replenish and firm the skin. The effective formula enriched with essential blends of Collagen and Cucumber.

    Its pH balance formula helps clean skin without over-drying effect. It helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture level while making it delightfully clear and soft.

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  • » La Bourse BB Miracle Make - Up Creamwith UV Protection plus anti-wrinkle and whitening effects [L2109]

    LA BOURSE BB Miracle Make - Up Cream with UV Protection plus anti – wrinkle and whitening effects. It helps cover skin like a miracle and create a photo genic look that you dream for.

    It helps supply sufficient moisture to make skin soft and naturally smooth. Your face will appear incredibly and visibly smooth and bright with radiant glow and look more youthful. Suitable for all skin types.

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  • » La Bourse BB UV White Powder Cake Double Action With Collagen & Aloe Vera Extract Protect skin from sunlight [L2110]

    Powder particles help cover up wrinkles. Whiten the skin naturally, not oily with a mixture of Collagen and Aloe Vela help nourish the skin moist and soft all day. Protect the skin from sunlight. Soften the skin and consistent all day. Available in 4 colors.

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  • » La Bourse Lip Treatment Collagen & Vitamin E A beautiful smile lights up a day. [L5101]

    A beautiful smile lights up a day. Your lips are the most sensitive part of our body and need special care. Therefore, treat your lips everyday with LA BOURSE lip treatment which contain nourishing Collagen & Vitamin E

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